Insurance Coverage


Protecting the Rights of Insurance Policy Holders

The Frank Law Group represents clients in a wide range of matters involving insurance coverage and liability issues. We have been extremely effective at securing insurance coverage from carriers without litigation. However, when necessary, we litigate to secure defense and indemnification coverage for our clients. Our attorneys offer multi-faceted services in insurance matters ranging from the simple to the complex. We have successfully represented policyholders in claims against their insurance companies where defense and indemnity coverage has been denied in first party and third party claims.

Our lawyers stand up for the rights of individuals and businesses in relation to their insurance policies. We have litigated several cases through judgment against various insurance companies for defense and indemnification coverage in cases involving commercial coverage and environmental investigation and cleanup coverage. Insurance coverage issues we handle also include:

  • Resolving policy coverage claims involving Commercial General Liability (CGL) policies, pollution liability policies, directors and officers insurance, errors and omissions coverage, life insurance, disability coverage, title insurance, motor vehicle policies, and home owners insurance.
  • Acting as “Cumis” counsel for policy holders in cases where coverage outcome is affected by the factual findings in the case.
  • Providing assistance in determining the appropriate types and levels of coverage to maintain in order to properly insure against specialty risks, such as pollution liability and cleanup coverage.
  • Representing policy holders in cases where multiple carriers are providing coverage under reservations of rights, including environmental contamination cases, real estate (including real estate professionals’ negligence claims) cases, and complex business litigation cases.

Frank Law Group, P.C. offers benefits and protection to the insured. We bring value by ensuring that you thoroughly understand the coverage you are entitled to and for which you have paid. We are dedicated to getting results for our clients.

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