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Whether a burn was suffered in a fire, or it was a chemical or electrical burn injury, if it was caused by an act of negligence, the victim has the right to compensation. Not only are these injuries extremely painful, they are very difficult to recover from and difficult to evaluate. Repairing burned muscle and skin may require multiple surgeries that take place over the course of many years. This means that the trauma faced by burn victims does not end after the burn itself, making it all the more important that victims get full and fair compensation for what they have had to experience, much less the lasting effects of the burn.

At Frank Law Group, P.C., we represent people who have suffered all types of burn injuries. We understand how important it is to stand beside the people we represent, considering the high stakes in these cases. Our California attorneys strive to get all of the money necessary to cover the burn victim’s costs – past, present and future.

What Caused the Burn Injury?

The cause of the burn injury makes a difference in the way the case is handled. We represent victims of fire accidents and injuries of all types, including:

Do Not Accept the Insurance Company’s First Settlement Offer

As part of a burn victim’s medical treatment, we make certain that the injuries are looked at by a cosmetic surgeon. The surgeon will be able to outline what types of procedures will be necessary to repair the damage, including the costs. Some of these procedures may not take place until years after the accident, particularly when children are the victims. While an insurance company’s immediate offer may seem reasonable, it may not cover all of these procedures, much less the potential permanent effects of a burn injury. Our California attorneys were previously employed by the insurance companies. We know their tactics when it comes to burn injuries. More importantly, we know how to help you.

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