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The general public has a bias against motorcycle riders, and that impacts how motorcycle accident cases are handled. Frequently, witnesses perceive that the motorcycle rider was driving too fast or driving unsafely, even though the rider was absolutely following the speed limit and the other rules of the road. Witnesses make statements to the police based on their misperception, and those statements become important evidence in the case. At Frank Law Group, P.C., we know how to deal with this evidence. We know the importance of gathering all of the facts through investigation and presenting them without witness biases.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, you will find that our attorneys have the skill and experience to pursue the compensation you deserve.

Representation From a Former Insurance Defense Attorney

Insurance companies have a goal in motorcycle head injury and other serious motorcycle injury cases. That goal is not to provide you reasonable compensation, but to protect their bottom lines. We know what is important to insurance companies, because our lawyers were previously employed by them. Now, we use our knowledge to find the most efficient and effective way to get you the compensation you deserve, including money to cover medical bills, lost wages and other costs, including compensation for pain and suffering.

With the financial stresses that immediately follow a serious accident, it can be very tempting to accept the settlement offer from the insurance company. We encourage you not to. These settlements often leave people without the ability to cover future costs. We do not want this to happen to you. We want you to get what is fair.

After a Motorcycle Crash, Who Should You Talk To?

Many people will want to talk to you after your accident. If at all possible, you want to get the contact and insurance information of the driver who caused the accident. Get the contact information of witnesses. If someone requests that you make a recorded statement, particularly a statement about your injuries and who was at fault, you should decline. These statements could be used to prevent you from getting the compensation you deserve.

The sooner you discuss your case with a California personal injury lawyer, the better. There is no financial risk, because you pay no fee for our services unless we recover money for you.

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