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Rear-end collisions are among the most common types of car and truck accidents. This fact is unfortunate, considering that most of these accidents are caused by inattentive drivers and could have been avoided. At Frank Law Group, P.C., we stand up for the rights of victims of these unfortunate accidents. If you or a loved one has suffered serious injuries in a rear-end collision, our California personal injury attorneys will aggressively pursue full compensation for you.

The Two Key Issues in Motor Vehicle Accident Claims

There are two key issues that need to be addressed in an auto accident claim: Who caused the accident and what is the nature of the injuries.

In rear-end collisions the first issue is fairly straightforward. When a driver collides into the back of a vehicle that is stopped at a stop light or stop sign, it is most often times clear that the driver was negligent. Perhaps the driver was sending text messages on a cell phone, eating while driving, or otherwise distracted. The bottom line is that the driver should have stopped. The accident should not have happened.

With the first issue clear cut in most rear-end accident cases, we focus the majority of our attention on the issue of injuries and their value. We want to make certain that the injuries involved are properly diagnosed. We seek to ensure that the costs of all future medical care are fully understood. We gather the information necessary to get you full compensation for the injuries. Common injuries in these cases include:

Care and Compassion in Accident Cases

Our attorneys understand that you are going through a difficult time. You need consistent support and service from an advocate who cares about you and your case. You can count on us to provide the personal service and responsiveness that you require.

You Pay No Fee Unless We Recover Money for You

We handle all rear-end accident cases with an understanding of what is at stake. It is our policy that you pay no fee unless we recover compensation for you. That makes us truly motivated to get a fair outcome for you.

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