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Landlord & Tenant

Our lawyers have been handling commercial landlord-tenant matters throughout California since 1986, including the prosecution and defense of unlawful detainer actions, complaint for rent actions and related matters, including relief from stay motions in bankruptcy court, and judgment collection.

Recognized as a leader in commercial landlord/tenant law disputes, our firm represents the interests of numerous commercial property owners throughout California. We handle property management matters for more than 75 commercial shopping centers throughout northern and southern California. We also assist individual landlords in various landlord-tenant matters.

Examples of some of the types of landlord-tenant cases we handle are:

  • Default Notices for failure to pay rent or to perform lease provisions
  • Unlawful detainer actions (commercial and residential evictions)
  • Complaint for rent actions (Civil Code Sections 1951.2 and 1951.4 actions)
  • Post-eviction abandonment and money judgment collection
  • Prejudgment attachments
  • Lease agreement disputes
  • Common area maintenance charge disputes (CAM disputes)
  • Lease review and drafting for both commercial and residential tenancies

In property management matters, time is money. Our property management attorneys work fast to address rent delinquencies and other commercial landlord-tenant disputes. Commercial property owners across California use us because we know how to get results fast, in a cost-effective manner. In post-eviction/abandonment claims, we quickly obtain asset searches so that our clients can intelligently decide whether proceeding against a former tenant for the balance due on a lease makes economic sense.

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