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David E. Frank
Principal Attorney

David Frank is our firm’s principal attorney and practices in the areas of business and real estate law. Dave is probably best respected for the practical legal advice and realistic case assessments he gives to his clients. If you need assistance with a business or real estate dispute, give Dave a call.

Greg Koonce’s primary practice involves commercial landlord-tenant matters in northern and southern California, as well as real estate and business disputes. Greg is also very experienced with California’s civil law and motion practices and discovery techniques and is utilized on nearly every matter handled by the firm for these skills. He has successfully prosecuted and defended various real estate and business litigation cases in state and federal courts, mediation and arbitration, and we are very proud to have him on our team.

Jordan Maurer prosecutes personal injury, property damage and breach of contract claims against insurance companies, corporations and government entities. If you have been injured or suffered a loss and need assistance, please give our office a call. Jordan will be happy to answer any questions you have and explain the claim process to you. He is experienced and has excellent reviews from his clients and other attorneys, including former mentors and attorneys he has handled cases against.

Mishal Franz
Administrative Director and Legal Assistant

Mishal Franz is our firm’s administrative director and helps run the day-to-day operations of our business. She also serves as the legal assistant to David Frank and Gregory Koonce. She is smart, detail-oriented, and experienced with all phases of civil litigation and will no doubt be a familiar voice to clients from intake through closing.

Natalie Choate
Legal Assistant

Natalie Choate is Jordan Maurer's legal assistant and helps with all stages of personal injury and elder abuse cases. She is often the first point of contact for clients and knows how to gather information and begin the investigative process right away. She is intelligent, patient and caring and will make sure you feel comfortable setting your consult. Any questions she cannot answer will be passed along to Jordan.

Dana Love

Dana Love is our firm’s receptionist and assists both Mishal Franz and Natalie Choate with various civil litigation assignments. She is an excellent communicator and is often the first person you will meet when visiting our office or the first person you speak with when calling.